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KWSocial a'gas dynnergh! Mar pleg kowlredyewgh agan rewlys.
Welcome to KWSocial! Please read our rules thoroughly.

  1. Tyller rag kewsel ha dyski Kernowek yw an leuren ma. Rewlys an leuren yw skrifys gans FSS-Kres, mes py furv pynag an yeth yw wolkom omma. Bewgh deskrifek, ha sevel orth dadhla yn kever varyansow ha lytherennans an yeth. Kernowek ewn yw Kernowek usys.
    This server is a space for speaking and learning Cornish. The rules of this server are written in SWF-Middle, but any and every form of the language is welcome here. Be descriptive, and do not argue about language varieties and orthography. Correct Cornish is the Cornish that is in use.
  2. Nyns yw res kewsel Kernowek hepken. Hwi a yll postya yn Kernowek po Sowsnek, po hwath yn Bretonek, Kembrek, po py yeth keltek aral pynag. Byttegyns, drefen bos homma leuren rag kowsoryon ha studhyoryon, dhe voy y kewsewgh po hwath assaya usya nebes geryow Kernowek, dhe well ragowgh ha rag an gemeneth dhien!
    You don't have to speak Cornish exclusively. You can post in Cornish or English, or even in Breton, Welsh, or any other Celtic language you'd like. However, since this is a server for speakers and learners, the more you speak or even try to use a few words of Cornish, the better for you and for the whole community!
  3. Nyns yw gesys fara ankortes erbynn honanieth po studh agh, hil, reydh, genedh, kryjyans, korf, brysweyth, po py gnasen personel pynag aral. Torr byghan an rewlys a vydh sewys gans gwarnyans. Usya drogvreus a vydh sewys gans dileans a-dhistowgh.
    It is forbidden to behave impolitely against racial, ethnic, sexual, gender, religious, physical, or mental identities or conditions, or any other personal features whatsoever. A minor infraction of the rules will result in a warning. Using slurs will result in an immediate ban.