croeso – fáilte – degemer mat – fàilte – dynnargh – failt ort – welcome!

madd i ti bod wsnos eb orffen, a madd i'n newydd dy mowrth

mae hi wedi bod wythnos heb orffen, a madd hi'n newydd dydd mawrth

time for my

im a languages lover, though that doesn't make me a good learner. and my favourite areas to talk about.

and love being proud of my local area in

i also run a discord server the celtic tearooms for language and culture enthusiasts to have a safe space. best place to talk to cornish, gaelic, welsh speakers on the internet.

To add to the above:

Since there is no #algorithm it is really important that you #boost interesting posts by others.

A star (liking) does nothing to help increase a post's visibility beyond the original author's followers.

I know it is strange coming from 🐦, but it really is the only way to increase a post's audience.

So #BoostAllTheThings (if you like them) and you will notice others will do the same to your content. Here we're all in it together!

#BeTheAlgorithm #BoostsWelcome #FediTips

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dwi'n defnyddio fy nghyfrif yn olaf. hapus bod yma


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